Dr. Carmenza Spadafora holds a Bachellor of Science that she obtained studying in the Department of Chemistry of the  Eastern Michigan University, USA. Her PhD was obtained from the University of Granada, Spain, conducting research in the Institute of Parasitology and Biomedicine “López-Neyra”.

After a first postdoctoral training at the University of Central Florida she moved to the Walter Reed Army of Institute of Research to work with now Ret COL José A. Stoute in the identification of the “X Receptor” of malaria.

She is currently the Coordinator of the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology of Diseases (CBCMe), and her research interests focus on tropical parasites, especially malaria; drug discovery from natural products; communication signals; and the biophysics of pathogens.

Dr. Spadafora is an advocate of the need to integrate science into public policy to achieve the Objectives of Sustainable Development.