Drug Discovery from Natural Products

This project goes back two decades. It started before 2000 as a cooperative group that included ecologists, botanists, chemists and biologists from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, University of Panama and INDICASAT AIP, along several universities in the United States. The project, initiated by Philys Coley and Tom Kursar from STRI, was funded by the NIH, the NSF and the USDA with some private partners like Dow Agrochemicals or the Japanese pharmaceutical EISAI. 


The program was so successful that it was renewed three times for a total of 15 years of continued run. Later, the UN Global Emergency Fund funded three more years of the collaboration and then it has also received funding from the national Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation of Panama.


The project works mainly with the collaboration of researchers at INDICASAT AIP who try to add value to our biodiversity through the discovery of bioactivity in crude extracts, infusions, fractions or purified compounds from the rich biodiversity of Panama.

Because of this mission, the program has received funding from the Endowment for Water, Wild Life and Protected Areas to establish a Biobank of microorganisms with the data set of bioactivities and taxonomic classification, among other parameters.


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The program has partnered with NGO ANCON to add value to the products of their private natural reserve in Punta Patiño, Darién. Private companies like INDIGENA BIODIVERSITY or Oxford Biotrans from the UK are working with our group at INDICASAT AIP in search of leads with commercial posibilities.