Zuleima Caballero, Ph.D.


  • Form an interdisciplinary research group for the study of tropical diseases prevalent in our country.
  • Obtain a greater knowledge of them and thus provide effective responses to the affected areas.

Academic training


2009-2014 Doctorate in Sciences – University of São Paulo (Institute of Biomedical Sciences).

2004-2006 Master’s Degree in Science – University of São Paulo (Institute of Biomedical Sciences).

1997-2002 Degree in Biology focused on microbiology and parasitology University of Panama.     

Professional experience

2014-current                                       INDICASAT AIP                                     Panama

  • Researcher in parasitology and molecular biology.
  • Project management of a study examining seroprevalence and genetic characterization of gondii in pregnant women, newborns, domestic and wild animal in Panama.

2009-2014                                                University of São Paulo                      Brazil

  • PhD thesis title: Origin, evolution and phylogenetic relationships of proline racemase homologues in Trypanosoma species.
  • Genetic characterization of Trypanosoma cruzi TcIII and phylogenetic relationships among TcI isolates from different regions of America.
  • Novel molecular markers for the study of genetic diversity among species that make up the different groups of the Trypanosomatidae family.
  • Characterization of proline racemase in species of the subgenus Duttonella (species type vivax).

2004-2007                             University of São Paulo                            Brazil 

  • Master’s thesis title: Influence of cruzi TcI, TcII and Z3 groups for the immunodiagnosis of Chagas’ disease in Brazil and Panama.
  • Evaluation of serological tests for the identification of cruzi infection and cross-reactivity analysis with T. rangeli and Leishmania sp.
  • Phylogenetic relationships among rangeli isolates from different regions of Latin America.


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