INDICASAT AIP Malaria Team: innovation to cure the disease

From left to right: Lorena Pineda, Carmenza Spadafora, Patrick Padmore, Lorena Coronado, Evelin Alaín.

There are ideas that can change the world and people´s histories, but it all needs believing in them.

When the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation launched phase I of the Exploration projects, Dr. Carmenza Spadafora received a call that would chart new paths in research based on novel proposals.

The year was 2008. Dr. José A. Stoute, her mentor and with whom she worked at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research at Silver Spring and the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, calls her and asks her to think about a common idea regarding this call.

Dr. Spadafora, during her postdoc, had used a technique that employs the paramagnetism of malaria parasites to collect them using a magnet…

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