The Bioprospection Group of INDICASAT AIP headed for more funding

The GEF 7 program for Panama has accepted the proposal presented by the Group of Drug Discovery and Bioprospection of INDICASAT with University of Panama collaboration. The project will make use of the benefits that native microbes could have related to their agricultural and medical potentials. INDICASAT AIP has almost 20 years of experience running a very succesful academic and conservation program with Funding from NIH, USDA, NSF, GEF, SENACYT and more recently, the Ministry of Environment through their Fund for Wildlife, Biodiversity and Water.

The launching of the project, which should be ready for implementation around April or May 2020, gathered stakeholders from INDICASAT AIP, University of Panama, the United Nations Development Program, Ministry of Finance of Panama, Ministry of Environment of Panama and the Director of the National Park “La Amistad”, spreading between Panama and Costa Rica, where some of the activity related to biological control will take place. The program will strengthen the concept of sustainability of biodiversity through the development of useful products to society out of scientific discovery.

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